Saturday, December 22, 2007


Yesterday began a long needed vacation from the office. I don't go back until the 2nd of January.

I do have to report for jury duty on the 3rd, but here's to hoping that I have nothing to offer and will promptly be dismissed. Several people have said that I should sit on a jury because it can be rather fascinating, but my luck would be sitting on some case involving the dullest topic and people of all time.

I'm sure that the next few days will involve reflecting on the year that I've had and what I would like to do with the year to come. Perhaps I will post some of those thoughts here.

I will definately be reading. There are about 4 books I would like to get finished by the end of the year - perhaps I'm being overly optimistic.

I will definately be watching movies. I just picked up Bourne Ultimatum, The Death of the President and Once. I also have endless OnDemand movies, thanks to my bunking with ma and pa! I'm sure there are several I would like to check out (Notes on a Scandal just released OnDemand and I will be watching it again!). I also think some cheesy Christmas movies are necessary over the next couple of days.

I have been trying to keep track of all of the books I have read this year and all of the films I have watched. I know that my movie list is longer. I can say that my first new year's resolution will be to have my movie and book lists be more equal.

I was nominated by a co-worker to review some christian women's books for a christian newspaper. We'll see if I am chosen. This could be really cool, or really awful. Maybe this will be my first chance to be "published" of my life goals.

I have been baking all day for church tomorrow. I'm tired! I don't know how women do this all of the time. :) I made lots of treats and am excited to share them with people I love.

Here's to a few days off! If I don't see you, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I pray God's blessings as you travel or stay home - seeing family and friends! May God bless you abundantly in the New Year.

May we see peace on earth!