Friday, July 13, 2007

On a much lighter note than my previous one turned out to be: Big Brother is back!!! Good summertime fun! I love the opportunity this gives me to hang out with some girlfriends and escape the real world for a few hours each week. Yesterday was Breanna's birthday so we got together for cheesecake and Big Brother. What else could a girl want? It has been nice seeing Breanna. I think it was last summer when we last hung out for any great length of time. See, reality TV can bring people together!!! :)

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So, I think I broke my template. I can't add a title to any new posts. What have I done? I do like that I found ways to change up my template a wee bit. I'll keep messing with and perhaps I will find a way to get titles back. We'll see.

I just finished Barack Obama's book and it was good. It wasn't until the epilogue that his readers find where the title of the book comes from:

"It wasn't just the struggles of these men and women that had moved me. Rather, it was their determination, their self-reliance, a relentless optimism in the face of hardship. It brought to mind a phrase that my pastor, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., had once used in a sermon.

The audacity of hope.

That was the best of the American spirit, I thought - having the audacity to believe despite all the evidence to the contrary that we could restore a sense of community to a nation torn by conflict; the gall to believe that despite personal setbacks, the loss of a job or an illness in the family or a childhood mired in poverty; we had some control - and therefore responsibility- over our own fate.

It was that audacity, I thought, that joined us as one people. It was that pervasive spirit of hope that tied my own family's story to the larger American story, and my own story to those of the voters I represent."

I dare to take it one step further. The audacity of hope to me suggests that each American, dare I say human, has the responsibility to all humankind to restore a sense of community in the world, despite our differences. All of humankind should live life recognizing that we are more alike than we are different.