Sunday, April 05, 2009

Wow- it's been a really long time

I just realized that it's been like a hundred years since I wrote anything at all on this here blog. I still feel like I've not got much to say but I thought I'd catch people up if anyone cares.

I HATE my job. I mean I really HATE it. I got an apartment in Salem for about 5 months and could never actually bring myself to move my things in. I slept on an air mattress the whole time. I had my kitchen and bath things there and a chair and my TV. I finally decided to give up the apartment and move back into my parents' house and I am commuting again.

The nice thing about commuting is that at the end of the day I get to leave the job I despise behind - in a completely different city. I don't run into crazy students when I'm out and I get to see friends on a much more regular basis.

I am actively looking for other work so if anyone has ideas - I'd love to hear them. :) It's kind of weird because, OBVIOUSLY, I am thankful to have work when so many don't but I'm waiting for my body to react to the stress like it did when I work for "satan" at the surgeons' offices - anyone remember that???? I don't really want my body to eat itself (unless it's my belly fat). I'm not looking for open wounds again!

What a strange time of transition for so many. It's so strange because all of my friends that are working at Cascade are in the same boat. I don't know if I'm glad I'm not there for all of the sadness of closing the school or if I wish I were there to be with everyone in the final days. Can't go back - can only look forward, right???

I solicit prayers for new work. I've got some apps out and maybe one of them will pan out. I'm trying to remain hopeful. I've also got another project up my sleeves. I'm praying desperately for this to be the thing that pans out. I know it would change my life in amazing ways. I don't really feel like advertising it here on this public forum so I just ask if you love me to pray that this thing happens! It would be really great - and something I need desperately! I would be empowered to move on in great ways with my life.

I did run into my friend James on the street Saturday near the Starbucks he works at. He suggested I consider going and teaching English in Europe for a year. Maybe that's the ticket! I could handle Europe for a year, I think!

I think we could all look at the history of this blog and see that I have been searching for something for quite some time. I'm tired of talking about it and want to take action. It's just hard to know which direction to go. I suppose any action at this point is better than sitting around and waiting for life to happen to me. Do you just go and hope that you're doing something good? Do you try to hear the voice of the Lord leading you in a specific direction? Wise readers I solicit your opinions...