Friday, March 28, 2008


I am reading a book for work called The Resident Assistant by Gregory Blemling and I've been amused at some of the things I've read. For instance, this morning I was reading an excerpt from a book written in the 50's by Irene Pierson giving advice to students on manners - check this out:

Question: What is the correct procedure when a girl has a Saturday night date and her boyfriend from out of town pops in a half hour before time for the date?

Answer: Tell the boyfriend you have plans for the evening and cannot break them as you do not want the reputation of being a person who is not dependable. The boyfriend was inconsiderate in not calling in advance. You could have been out to dinner and not have been located by him all evening.

WHAT??? How about "You're awful for dating behind your boyfriend's back and you do not want the reputation of being a cheater!"????

Maybe I'll share some housing rules from 1870 later.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Project Summary

So there it is my friends. My 30 days of ridding myself of things I no longer want/need. I didn't spend nearly enough time in other places of my life like the CD collection or the books but I did get rid of a lot of clothes that I just don't need to have around any longer. I think there will continue to be more purging. I kinda got the hang of it. I found some pleasure in it. Wasn't nearly as painful on day 20 as it was on days 2 and 3.

I'm learning more and more about who I am and why I do some of the things that I do. I really believe that I have found security in having "my stuff" and it has gotten in the way of my relationship with God. He is my only security and I need to trust Him to provide it.

Now I'm going to go work. It's SO quiet around here. Students are on spring break and my boss isn't in the office. I think I got more work done yesterday afternoon then I get done in an average week! YAY for Spring Break!

day 30

slippers - donate

day 29

flip flops - donate

day 28

blue hoodie - donate

day 27

nightgown - donate

day 26

old undies - trash

day 25

3 old cascade tshirts - peace out - donate

day 24

brown shirt - donate

day 23

brown "leather" vest never worn - donate

day 22

old sports bras - trash

day 21

basket of toilettries - garbage

day 20

blue sweater jacket - long - mom always asked if I was wearing a robe when I had it on. donate

day 19

pink tshirt - donate

Do you see a trend here???? I parked at the closet trying to empty myself of the clothes I don't really want.

day 18

light green tshirt - donate

day 17

khaki cargo pants - donate

Playing Catch-Up: Day 16

blue dress shirt - donate

Thursday, March 06, 2008

thoughts on project so far

I actually feel quite liberated getting rid of the things that I'm holding on to that I just don't need/want. I believe with all of my heart that holding on to "things" has been some kind of security blanket for me. I think I have found comfort in my stuff. I can analyze it to death but I think what it comes down to is that I can't find my comfort in my stuff. Won't's not there. My comfort and my security need to come from Christ alone.

Now, don't get me wrong, I will probably never be a minimalist, it's not my nature (also not from nurture, as my parents like their things as well) but I will continue to work on purging the stuff that is blocking me from the growth I need to make.

Here's to healthy purging!

day 15

stinky pair of shoes - only had them for a little over a year. Got a lot of wear out of them but now - peew, stinky! Toss.

day 14

2 broken pairs of sunglasses - toss

Day 13

shipping envelopes - toss/recycle (it's really amazing the amount of junk one can accumulate without realizing)

Day 12

broke down a few shipping boxes that were hanging out in my room from various online purchases. Recycle.

Day 12

broke down a few shipping boxes that were hanging out in my room from various online purchases. Recycle.

Day 11

Simple shoes - too big - thought I could make them work but they don't fit. Wasted $20 on them (good price for Simple brand but when you can't/don't wear them, no price is good). Donate.

Monday, March 03, 2008

I know I know

I'm behind in my posting. I have been doing a thing a day, just haven't been putting them up. Soon I promise I will get them up here for you to read.