Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Tim!

Little Timmy turns 30 today! I thought about listing all of the things about Tim that I love but I couldn't think of any...just kidding!

I think I will just list my favorite things about Tim and then ask you to go wish Tim a happy birthday!

My favorite things about Tim
1. Growing up and into our young adulthood Tim always had this great childlike spirit about him. He was always so much fun. He was up for anything and was almost always willing to be silly - just for the sake of being silly. Sometimes it irritated me but I have to say that now that I don't see him nearly as often as I used to, I miss his silliness.
2. I love that when we were younger (like college) he let me call him Moth -you know, TiMOTHy. It was my name of endearment for him. No one else got to use it. It was a silly name but he let me use it anyway and, if I remember correctly, I once got a Valentine's Day card in my campus mailbox from a guy named Moth. :)
3. Tim has always had a very generous spirit. If he had it and someone else needed it, he shared it willingly. Back in 2001 when I moved back to Portland from Seattle, Tim was very generous in assisting me financially. It took a bit longer for me to find a job than I had anticipated and Tim got me through. I wouldn't have made it if it hadn't been for Tim.
4. Tim desires to do good. He wants to do honor God with his life. He, like all of us, doesn't always get it right but in his heart of hearts, he wants to do the right thing in all circumstances. He wants to be known as a Godly man - a man who is trying to be like Jesus. There's nothing better than that.

Happy Birthday little brother. I hope you have a great day! I love you so much.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tony Campolo on The Colbert Report

After Ryan Woods suggested that we check out Tony Campolo on The Colbert Report I had to see if he was on there more than once. I'm reading one of Campolo's books right now. I have been blessed to find Tony Campolo. He speaks to my heart in such important ways. I love God. I want to model my life after Christ - I often do a POOR job of it. And I don't feel like the conservative right has anything to offer me. I often feel embarrassed that they are what non-Christians assume we're all like and that we all think the same way. For most of my life I have felt a disconnect between my heart feels and what I hear in most churches and from many of my Christian friends. Thank you Tony for validating what I believe Jesus has written on my heart. As I read more and more of the book I am currently reading, the more I want to be like Christ, the more safe I feel opening my heart to Him. The God and the Jesus I have known most of my life is not what the world needs. The world needs a God and a Jesus who love them with unrelenting passion. I need a God and a Jesus who loves me with unrelenting passion. This is how we will change the world.

A couple of months back I read a book by Shane Claiborne called The Irresistible Revolution. In it he shared about the time he spent in India with Mother Teresa. He learned that Namaste, a Hindu greeting means "I honor the Spirit who lives in you." I am learning to honor the Spirit that lives in me and in all of those around me. It's definately a process, a journey, but I think if I look at all people as spiritual beings, self included, I will treat everyone better and see all people through Jesus' eyes. I don't think much of anything else matters. I think what I am learning about myself is that I haven't even been treating myself very well. I've struggled with the whole relationship with God thing. I think when you don't believe that He really, I mean really, loves you, what's the point of trying to do what He wants for your life??? Why would I honor the Spirit within me if I don't think He really cares about me or if it feels like the point of being in relationship with Him is only to do what He wants because He's a bully and will punish you for all eternity if you don't do things His way? It's not the point! He wants to be in relationship with His creation, with His people, His companions. He wants us to be companions of His. He wants us to choose Him because He wants to be with us - not to show power and domination over us but to love us and be with us, to be friends with us. I want that. I need that. My soul is crying out for that.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Also Watching...

Monday nights are devoted to The History Detectives on PBS. I think this might be one of the most interesting shows on TV. If you're not doing anything on Monday nights at 9pm and you live in the Portland area, check out channel 10 for this hour of goodness.

Everyone Should Read...

The Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer. I never thought I would be interested in "these kinds" of books but I couldn't get enough. I was oblivious to the world for about a week and read the first three in the series. The last one comes out on August 2nd and I can't wait! So, if you are looking for an easy yet entertaining read I suggest these!

Feisty Sesame Street

Oh how I love Feist...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What I've Been Watching

I think a lot of people misunderstand So You Think You Can Dance. I love watching it every summer. The dancers are doing some really incredible things. I find so much beauty in what they are doing. Call me a reality TV junkie - I can't get enough. I wish I could do these things. Take a peek:

And then there's this couple! She is a trained dancer and it shows in everything she does. Joshua is a hip hop dancer. I'm totally blown away but what he is able to do every week.

I see the greatness of our Creator in these dancers. I see how beautiful He made the human form and I see how dancing is an outlet for worship. I think if I were a dancer I would feel totally and completely connected to God when I was moving because I feel it just watching them.