Wednesday, June 20, 2007

tricky, very tricky

I'm in a really weird place. I don't know how to formulate my thoughts and don't know what to say. Maybe sooner than later I will be able to put some thoughts together to share. I have thoughts about faith, the world, my future...everything. Until then, I thought I'd say hello to the four of you who read this. HI!

I can tell you that I just finished reading Dead Man Walking by Sister Helen Prejean. What a phenomenal book! I have been processing how I view capital punishment. I think I always thought capital punishment didn't make sense but reading this text gave me words and reasons why I cannot support it. (This is one of the many things going through my head right now and why I feel like I could be going crazy! I am overwhelmed by everything I have been ignorant to in the world and I'm beginning to pay attention and I can't process all of it.)

SO...I'm medicating with a combination of reality TV and food! This is how I numb the pain! This way I don't have to think about all of the things I should be thinking about and discussing with the blogosphere. I think maybe I'm having the breakdown now that I thought would happen last year with turning 30.